Get Maximum Compensation with an Experienced Public Adjuster

Losing property due to fire, flood or other insured event is always stressful for the owner. Fortunately, you can get fair compensation – if you properly file the insurance claim. And here experienced public adjusters come to the rescue.

Who are public adjusters and why you should contact them

A public adjuster is an independent loss assessor who helps property owners get maximum compensation from insurance companies.

Statistical data Value
Number of public adjusters in the US 127,000
Percentage of males 45%
Average age 44 years old
Most common ethnicity White (61.2%)
Second most common ethnicity Hispanic or Latino (16.8%)
Third most common ethnicity Black or African American (11.8%)
Fourth most common ethnicity Asian (5.2%)
Percentage of women 55%

There are over 127,000 working public adjusters in the United States. Approximately 45% of them are men, 55% are women. The average age is 44 years old.

A public adjuster is not an employee of the insurance company. Their services are paid by the owner of the damaged property – usually as a percentage of the compensation received.

With a public adjuster you can:

  • Get higher compensation by properly assessing the damage.
  • Save time on gathering documents and communicating with the insurer.
  • Speed up the claims process through proper paperwork.
  • Avoid disputes with the insurance company even in difficult situations.

When your own knowledge and experience aren’t enough, it’s better to turn to a professional. This will allow you to get fair compensation with minimal loss of time and nerves.

6 Reasons to Hire an Experienced Public Adjuster

Why should you hire a public adjuster instead of handling the insurance claim yourself?

1. Professional expertise

An experienced public adjuster is well aware of the intricacies of insurance law and features of various policies. They will thoroughly assess the damage caused using special tools and techniques.

For example, to calculate the cost of repairs after a flood, a public adjuster can use specialized software like Xactimate. This allows to evaluate the work and materials as accurately as possible, without understating or overstating the amounts.

Thanks to professional expertise, the policyholder will receive a reasoned and verified calculation of the compensation amount.

2. Save personal time

Collecting documents, filling out forms, negotiations and correspondence with the insurance company takes a lot of effort and time from the property owner.

Moreover, this has to be done in a stressful situation, when you want to forget about what happened as soon as possible and get everything back on track.

If you entrust the insurance case to a public adjuster, you can focus on more important things. For example, restoring your home or business after the damage.

3. Faster claims settlement

A competently composed claim statement speeds up its review by the insurer. A public adjuster knows exactly what documents are needed and prepares them in accordance with the requirements.

This avoids unnecessary delays and requests for additional paperwork. As a result, repair and restoration work begins sooner, and life returns to normal sooner.

4. Lack of emotional involvement

Anyone who has suffered property damage from a fire or natural disaster is under stress. You want to end this ordeal as soon as possible and forget it like a bad dream.

Because of this, the owner may hurry to close the insurance case, agreeing to a smaller payout. Or vice versa – overstate the claims out of a sense of resentment.

As an independent expert, a public adjuster looks at the situation impartially. They assess the real damage and help get the maximum amount legally permitted, no more and no less.

5. Getting the maximum legal compensation

A good insurance company will not intentionally understate payouts. But insurance employees may overlook some of the damage when reviewing a claim.

An experienced appraiser will find any hidden defects, even those that appear insignificant at first glance. And they will include them when calculating the final compensation amount.

As a result of their work, the policyholder will receive 100% compensation for the actual damage in accordance with the policy terms.

6. Assistance in resolving disputed situations

Sometimes an insurance company for various reasons refuses to pay the due amount or completely ignores the demands of the policyholder.

In such cases, a public adjuster will help protect your legal rights. They will competently compose a claim, involve lawyers if necessary, and bring the case to court.

Thanks to perseverance and experience, a public adjuster will ensure justice even in the most difficult cases. You will eventually receive the compensation you deserve.

How Public Adjusters Work: Step-by-Step Instructions

To better understand the public adjuster’s role, let’s go through step-by-step how the process works from the client’s request to receiving the insurance payout.

1. Inspecting the damaged property

The first step is for the public adjuster to visit the scene to visually inspect the damage. They will record all visible damage using photos and videos.

Thorough photo documentation is especially important immediately after the event, before cleanup and repairs have begun. This will help document the real extent of the destruction to justify the compensation amount.

2. Estimating the cost of repairs

Based on personal inspection and photo materials, the public adjuster compiles a detailed inventory of all damaged elements. Using special software, they then calculate the cost of replacing and repairing them.

This is how the total amount of damage compensation that the policyholder can expect is determined. The calculations are made in accordance with current estimating standards in the region.

3. Reviewing the policy terms

Next, the public adjuster carefully examines the client’s insurance policy. They identify the types of damage covered by this policy, payout limits, deductibles, special terms and exclusions.

Based on this data, the public adjuster concludes what amount of compensation can be paid by the insurance company under the specific insurance contract.

4. Preparing documents for filing a claim

When the damage amount is calculated and the insurance terms are studied, it’s time to prepare the documents. The public adjuster will help gather all the paperwork the insurance company will request to support the claim.

These may include various expert reports, certificates from government agencies, financial documents, photos and videos. The main goal is to provide compelling evidence for all aspects of the claimed damage.

5. Filing a claim for payout

When all documentation is collected, the public adjuster prepares a claim statement for reimbursement of damages in accordance with the concluded policy. The statement is filed with the insurance company on behalf of the policyholder.

The statement indicates the date and circumstances of the event, the nature of the damage, a reasonable calculation of the damage amount. The prepared documents are attached to it.

6. Negotiating with the insurer

After filing the claim, the public adjuster acts as the policyholder’s representative in communicating with the insurance company. They provide clarification, answer questions, and justify the compensation amount.

If the insurer refuses to pay some part or delays the process, the public adjuster insists on resolving these issues in the client’s interests.

7. Payout of insurance compensation

As a result, the insurance company will have to make a reasonable decision to pay compensation. After that, the funds will be transferred to the designated account of the policyholder.

The public adjuster monitors the process until the very end to ensure full compensation for the actual damage within the insurance policy.

Thus, a professional appraiser takes on the routine work of processing the insurance and protecting your interests. And the client receives the earned compensation.

When to Contact a Public Adjuster: 3 Tips

To get the most benefit from working with a public adjuster, it is important to contact them at the right time. When is it best to do it?

When to Contact Explanation Benefit
Immediately upon discovering damage Allows to record full extent of destruction before repairs Easier to justify compensation amount
If difficulties arise with insurance company Helps resolve disputes over coverage, documents, etc. Defends your interests in negotiations
If dissatisfied with compensation amount Can review refusal reasons and prepare appeal Chance to get full payout you deserve

Immediately upon discovering damage

The ideal option is to call the appraiser as soon as you become aware of the incident and damage. This will allow you to record the real extent of the destruction before cleanup and repairs begin.

The more fresh the damage, the easier it is to justify the compensation amount. It is advisable to take many photos and videos – they are important evidence.

If difficulties arise with the insurance company

If problems have arisen during the insurance processing, it’s time to get a professional involved. For example, the insurer refuses to compensate for some of the damage, referring to the policy conditions. Or requires additional documents.

The public adjuster will figure out the situation and defend your interests in a dispute with the insurance company.

If dissatisfied with the compensation amount

If the repairs have been completed, but the compensation paid seems unfairly small, you can contact an appraiser. They will check the validity of the insurer’s refusal and, if necessary, prepare an appeal.

But it is better to entrust the case to a professional from the start – so the chances of getting full compensation are much higher.

Reviews from Grateful Clients

To better understand the public adjuster’s contribution, let’s provide real reviews from people whose difficult situations were helped by these specialists.

Paul S., private home owner

“After a fire, I received 30% more from the insurance thanks to the help of an experienced appraiser. He found hidden defects I did not suspect. Quickly collected all documents, although I had no mind for that. And achieved maximum compensation, despite initial objections from insurers.”

Anna K., store owner

“When I had to close the store for repairs after a flood, I realized I couldn’t handle the insurance paperwork myself. I turned to the company on friends’ recommendation. The public adjuster not only secured full compensation for direct damage, but also compensation for lost profits during downtime. I am very grateful for his assistance in a difficult situation.”

Jhon P., farmer

“The hurricane partially destroyed the barns and spoiled some of the crop. I thought the insurance would only cover direct damage. But the public adjuster delved into all the nuances of my policy and found clauses under which additional payments could be obtained. As a result, I restored the farm without losses.”

Ready to Get Maximum Compensation for Damage?

If your home, office or other property has been damaged – do not hesitate to contact professionals. The sooner you get compensation, the sooner you can start restoring your property and get your life back to normal.

Entrust your insurance case to experienced public adjusters to be confident of fair and complete compensation for the damage. Call us now or leave a request on the website!

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